01 Advisory

01 Advisory


Opportunity doesn’t automatically mean profitability; will it fully meet your expectations and be up there with the sector’s best? We know the pitfalls of these large capital investments and recognise the need to fully assess the market dynamics and economics to the nth degree. That way, you’ll know with far more certainty if your fledgling project has the potential to really fly.


Rigorous market assessments are the cornerstone of our advisory service. They underpin our unwavering ‘no stone unturned’ philosophy that drives every aspect of the business. This includes everything, from competitive advantage audits and future market demand evaluations to costing projections and company capacity, to fully deliver in what will become an increasingly regulated market.


Complexity is our world, but it shouldn’t get in the way of a quick answer. For us, financial modelling must simply bring clarity to financial complexity. We apply proven yet innovative protocols. We have in-house data analysts that crunch the hard numbers. So, our clients are always presented with easy to understand options and recommendations.


Different developments demand different approaches to capital structuring. We understand the varying capital access requirements of an expansive broadacre community development or that of a vertical build-sell project.

Our extensive experience in capital structuring enables us to fully evaluate such factors and optimise the equity and debt mix for the best project outcome and return.

Aged Care

Aged care is a rapidly growing area that demands a unique kind of specialist know-how. This is something we recognised many years ago.

For this very reason we have a dedicated Ageing and Living Director, who has a PHD in Gerontology and over 35 years’ experience in aged care.

This gives us the capability to provide advisory on the most appropriate ‘ageing in place’ and ‘dementia care’ models, appropriate staff structuring and approved provider ACAR and ACFI applications.