03 Marketing

03 Marketing


Innovators, Reformers, Achievers or Conformers? Just what does the face of today’s retirement market really look like? How will it change over the life of the development? Our marketing team seek the most compelling human truths to fully understand generational change. Enabling us to deliver more relevant strategies to set you up for success.


We work exclusively in the retirement and aged care sectors, so you don’t need to brief us on the industry. We understand what you need but, most importantly, what your customers want.

In addition to demographic profiling, we will also identify the psychographic characteristics of your potential purchasers to ascertain their personality, values, opinions and attitudes, as these are the deep emotional drivers of almost every decision they make.


We always plan to make a real difference. Clients say working with us is an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. We don’t play it safe. Rather, we pride ourselves on fearless but pragmatic advice that is aimed at successful project outcomes. We offer a unique fusion of intuitive strategic thinking, deep market insight and crafted creativity – delivered through the most relevant forms of media for senior Australians.

The marketing strategies we create are specific to your community, identifying the target markets and key messaging to deliver a compelling campaign that inspires purchase. Assessment of competing products ensures that we market the development uniquely in what is often a cluttered marketplace.

We also produce a complete strategic digital plan to ensure your website is found effortlessly through both innovative search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques. Digital marketing (search, display, remarketing and social) forms the mainstay of our campaigns as it delivers the highest efficiency in lead generation.


Our focus is on translating inspired thinking into compelling marketing. Whether it’s planning and buying media, arranging photography, producing television commercials, recording radio spots, harnessing social media or designing a brochure, our strategic marketing approach ensures the creative ideas we generate have a clarity of purpose and vision.

Through a combination of channels, we build a database of quality leads for the sales team to engage with. This is teamed with other targeted initiatives, such as PR and sponsorships. Our sales and marketing teams work seamlessly together to develop a retention program that ensures depositors stay engaged with the process.


Building a database of interested prospective purchasers early in the awareness stage of a development is critical to sales success. A launch event that typically coincides with the commencement of construction or the opening of a display suite provides a PR opportunity and an important touch-point in the relationship with prospective purchasers.

Similar events can be scheduled throughout the campaign to bring purchasers and prospects together and assist conversion. Every aspect of the event, from venue hire and catering, down to audio visual and entertainment can be managed by us, ensuring a streamlined and brand-consistent approach. This includes monthly reporting on all activity.