02 Product

02 Product


We look deeper into the experience delivered not by bricks and mortar alone, but also by the people and services that form the heart of every development. This ensures that every product direction is explored, and refined, to fit with what your key prospects’ present and future retirement journey demands.


Despite the current, seemingly buoyant market, if you don’t create the right product, it won’t produce the sales you want. Long before construction, we’re able to recommend product solutions that de-risk the project while dramatically increasing profitability and desirability. At the heart of this is physcographic profiling that matches outstanding building and community experiences with the most cost-effective product design. In short, your product will be true to the experience. Fulfilling the need to both build equity and deliver a more meaningful community.


Product development management is a skill we have honed over many years. Australia began moving towards a long term operational and service business model more than ten years ago. Our current management team, and many of our 40 staff, were actively involved in this evolution in retirement living.

And we’re still very much at the leading edge today. This expertise extends to ongoing project management. Essentially, keeping an astute eye on the selection and performance of consultants and contractors; to minimise risk and enhance the desired lifestyle outcome.


Beyond delivering an enriched resident experience and accelerating sales success, we believe every product must have inherent capabilities to respond to your future operational needs and opportunities.

Within budget realities, we place great emphasis on designing communities that are long-term operating businesses. It’s a future-proofing approach that evolves looking at things like maximising build quality to minimise repairs and maintenance, optimising positive environmental features, and allowing for new dimensions of care.

A poignant example of this is how the integration of aged care models are already reshaping the future. This demands always being open to innovation.


Dedicated to raising the standards as a whole, we challenge conventional category thinking at every stage. We are members of several peak industry bodies and our people are often called upon to speak at conferences around the world. Every year, we also run an International Study Tour, bringing together leading minds in aged care and seniors living from across the globe. This enables us to share with our clients the very latest innovations and product models. Presently we are applying breakthrough thinking to new Assisted Living product development.

As the exclusive Australian and New Zealand partner of the Hogeweyk dementia care model, we’re also working with Alzheimer’s Australia to develop new approaches to care in retirement villages.